Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Poughskeepsie Tapes and V/H/S.

I didn't intend on this being 'VHS' day, but that's how things worked out. I actually planned on watching The Last Broadcast as well, but time wasn't one my side. The Poughskeepsie Tapes was quite unsettling during the footage scenes, but the documentary actors brought that level down every time they were on screen. I did enjoy it, the interview with Cheryl Dempsey during the final act really caught me off guard. Not even sure what it was, but I can't get that whole scene out of my head. That never happens, I assumed I was desensitized by this point.
V/H/S is a film I've waited to see for some time. There's a very effective trailer floating around, and it had my attention for sure. Having finished it only minutes ago, the feeling I had hoped for just isn't here. I didn't expect scary, actually when I read how scary the film was, that made my expectations drop a bit. These days, 'scary' tends to mean jump scares and quick cuts. Those did exist, but not to the extent that is common in horror these days. I found the segments enjoyable, the main plot was interesting at best. I won't say much about V/H/S, as I plan to review it in the near future. It's a film that deserves to be watched more than once, and it has earned a few hundred words to explain my opinion.
All in all, a very enjoyable pair of films, both as similar as they are different. I am positive I will enjoy The Last Broadcast, everything I've read seems to strengthen that. I will do more of these small updates on films I don't want to fully review, it brings more content and allows me to watch more. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Exciting News.

It's official, I will be taking a trip to California this October.  Not only will I finally be able to visit the Museum of Death, but there's a horror convention going on the while i"m in town.  Some people I've wanted to meet for some time will be there.  Here's the link to their site:  http://goo.gl/yLjb7.  Also, I'll be going to the Full Moon Horrorfest in Chattanooga this September.  I missed out on the Nashville con this year but hopefully I'll be able to take some good videos and if I'm lucky, some of them will have a guest.  Hopefully.  I'm working on two reviews now, if I wasn't so long winded my posts would be more frequent.  Just how I am, haha.  I plan to have a video ready tomorrow with some new picks and maybe a short review for ATM.  I will ask this, whoever manages to find this site and read my posts, please like or tweet them, at the least visit my YouTube channel or just post a rude comment.  I want some interaction, it will help bring the content people want to see.  Thanks for reading.